Decorative Extension Brackets

-Item#: MH-ACC-BRKTS2-BLK (Black)
-Item#: MH-ACC-BRKTS2-BUR (Burnished)
-Item#: MH-ACC-BRKTS2-SLV (Silver)
-Set of 2 Brackets
-Sizes; 5x8, 5x9, 8x8, 8x9 (See Listing below)
-Colors: Black, Burnished, & Silver
-Weight: Avg. of 6 lbs (Set)
-Dimensions LxDxH: (Specific to the Mantel)

Decorative Extension Brackets

"Black, Burnished, & Silver"

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Bracket Sizes and for which mantels they work with

8x9 Decor Brackets


8x8 Decor Brackets


5x9 Decor Brackets


5x8 Decor Brackets