About Us

MagraHearth Mantels are Non-Combustible

Our team at MagraHearth is made up of hearth professionals, fireplace craftsmen, and local talent who have been doing this work most of their professional lives. We needed an answer for the flat screen TV that changed our industry. Not just the TV but, higher fireplace clearances and a lack of available or sell-able barnwood/mantels forced our hand. We set out to make products that work for us in our everyday hearth and fireplace facing installation business. Hence, our concrete based non-combustible mantels and various other hearth products.

Why 'Magra'?

An homage to Craig's (owner/designer) mother whose nickname became Magra a few years prior to our inception. Nora, Craig's oldest daughter was just learning to speak and was trying to say, "Grandma", but it came out as Magra. We laughed, we teased, and it stuck. Magra is Grandma and the beginning of the creativity.