How can I clean my MagraHearth mantel/hearth product?

  • Dry dusting is our recommended cleaning method, but vacuuming or a compressed air duster can be used.
  • Use only a non-abrasive soft cloth.
  • A moist cloth can be used if the water is squeezed out.
  • Do Not Scrub! Scrubbing will remove the seal coat and you will be directly affecting the stained surface of the mantel. The color can rub right off.
  • Do Not Use: Abrasives, Cleaners, Goof Off, Paint remover/thinning products, Other chemicals

How can I protect my MagraHearth product?

It is always recommended to cover your mantel/hearth products during any construction, remodeling, painting, stonework, etc. to prevent any accidental damage such as chips, drywall dust, and mortar or paint spills.

  1. Use the cardboard box your mantel came in and cut strips to cover and/or wrap around your mantel.
  2. Do not use tape directly on the mantel. Some tape can leave a residue and remove the mantel finish. This includes common blue painter’s tape.

Are touch up kits/repair kits available?

If you do remove stain from the mantel or have areas of paint loss, you can replace it with the stain included with your product or order a small repair kit through a MagraHearth dealer. 

How can I maintain my MagraHearth products?

Reapplication of a water-based sealant to MagraHearth products is recommended if there is prolonged sun exposure or if the mantel looks “dull”. The indoor sealant can revive the color of your MagraHearth product and can be ordered through a MagraHearth Dealer. 

Why choose a non-combustible mantel?

Fireplace mantels should be non-combustible for safety reasons. Combustible materials, such as wood and other organic materials, can ignite and cause a fire if exposed to high temperatures or open flames. Non-combustible materials, such as metal, stone, and ceramic, are much better suited for fireplace mantels because they will not catch fire and can withstand high temperatures without igniting. Additionally, non-combustible materials can provide a more aesthetically pleasing look to the fireplace and can last longer than combustible materials. Therefore, it is important to ensure that fireplace mantels are made from non-combustible materials for safety and aesthetic reasons.

Where are your products made?

The USA! Fireplace mantels made in the USA are of higher quality than those made overseas. This is because the materials used in the construction of the mantels are of better quality and the craftsmanship is more precise. Additionally, the manufacturing process of mantels made in the USA is more closely monitored and regulated, ensuring that the mantels meet safety standards and are of the highest quality. Furthermore, when purchasing a MagraHearth mantel made in the USA, you can be sure that it was made with the utmost care and attention to detail, as we are dedicated to producing the best possible fireplace mantel on the market.